About us

A multifunctional IT services company, ENGINET, specializes on the promotion of the advanced information technologies in the ICT & telecommunication services market of Azerbaijan.

Today ENGINET is a leading telecom services provider offering conceptual IT system integration solutions. 

ENGINET at the same time is the owner of the trademark “BİRLink”. BİRLink FTTH provides broadband multiservice access to high speed and stable Internet, digital (IP) telephony and television services via the same fiber optical cable.

Distinctive features of ENGINET are:

  • Successful 10-year activity on the local IT services market
  • World-class solutions offered by the company
  • Highly motivated professional staff
  • Continuous improvement of the services offered
  • Use of high-class equipment produced by leading global manufacturers
  • Trust-based relations with customers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Working towards applying ISO 9001 and ITIL standards in the company
  • Constant supervision over the quality of the services provided