Corporate Governance Principles

ENGINET builds its activity based on the commonly accepted corporate governance principles. The below are the main principles that are referenced to within the company:

  • Public accountability

The company in a timely manner informs the general public and the stakeholders about novelties and events happening in its activity. For this purpose the company uses its own website as well as other communication channels and platforms.   

  • Respecting the rights and taking the interests into account of all interested parties

The company and all audiences who have built mutual business or partnership relations with the company (employees, partners, customers, public organizations and others) are interested in the development of this relationship in the conditions of mutual trust. With this regard, ENGINET, within the framework of its active relations, respects the rights of all its stakeholders and takes into account their interests in the decision-making process.  

  • Cultivation of the ethical behavior ideas

Understanding that its most valuable assets are the employees and customers, the company cultivates the ideas of ethical behavior for the purpose of ensuring harmonic relations between these two parties. These issues are governed by the company’s internal “Corporate Ethics” and “Regulations for Behaving with Customers”.

  • Decision-making and risk management

All decisions affecting the performance of the company are adopted in accordance with the company’s development strategy. During the decision-making process all scenarios are analyzed as well as potential risks are identified and assessed in conformity with the internal procedures in order to be able to adequately respond to any situation that may arise. To efficiently supervise over these processes there is an internal audit service functioning within the company. At the same time, currently works are underway in the company towards application of ISO standards internally.

  • Responsible business and corporate citizenship

It is important to realize that business is not limited only with commercial interest; it should serve social interests as well. Within the framework of its resources, ENGINET actively strives to take close part in social activities and aims to become one of the leading corporate citizens of the social environment it operates in.

Along with the abovesaid, the company constantly pursues the advanced corporate governance standards, and where possible works towards applying those standards in its performance.