The company “ENGINET”, a leading player in the Internet services market of Azerbaijan, was established in 2009. Throughout the first years of its activity, the company was mainly active in provision of ADSL-based Internet services to the private sector.

In the course of time the company was able to strengthen its technological, personnel and administrative capacities and enhanced the range of its services. Thus, it managed to enter various spheres of the local telecommunication market and played a significant role in bringing innovative technologies to the country. As such, first-ever massive implementation of the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) based Internet connection project in Azerbaijan is related with the name of the company ENGINET.

In 2013, the company started researching innovative Internet access technologies and decided on the FTTH technology based on the GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) model. In 2016 the company, which had already started providing fiber-optic internet services in 2013, established its new telecom brand – BİRLink to be able to bring the concept of optical internet to the general masses and businesses more closely. It started to provide its wide range of services under the trademark BİRLink first in the territory of the capital city and Absheron region, and subsequently in some other regions of the country. At present, all individuals as well as physical and legal entities being BİRLink subscribers are able to comfortably use the high quality and stable fiber-optic Internet, IP telephony and television and other telecom services rendered by the company.

The milestones in the company’s history:

  • 2009 – the company “ENGINET” started its activity
  • 2012/July – first private ADSL subscriber connected
  • 2013/Dec – first FTTH subscriber connected
  • 2015/Dec – ENGINET was given a 6-year cable TV broadcast license by State Television and Radio Council (broadcast channel – Internet & IP TV)
  • 2016/March – “BİRLink” trademark was introduced to the market
  • 2016/April – BİRLink appeared in Shamakhy region
  • 2016/May – ENGINET, together with “Bakcell” mobile operator, launched a joint “Safe Internet” project for children
  • 2016/June – BİRLink appeared in Ganja and Mingechevir regions
  • 2017/March – ENGINET became an official partner of SABAH Career Academy of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • 2018/Nov – BİRLink appeared in Shirvan region