“Safe Internet” project

About “Safe Internet” project:

The project of “Safe Internet” is a social responsibility initiative which has been implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic for already over the last 3 years. During the first phase of the project open classes and stimulatory contests on the subject of safe usage of the Internet were organized for the pupils of the secondary schools situated in Sumgait city of Azerbaijan. Currently, the project is continued with the awareness-raising meetings held with the pupils and their parents at the secondary schools throughout Baku city, who are educated about the ways of protecting against hazardous and unsafe content on the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that AzEduNet LLC, one of the ENGINET’s partners within the finished State Program on Informatization of the Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan (2008-2012), ensures the safety on the Internet of the pupils at the secondary schools across the country by means of the “Filtered Internet” (web filtration) service. ENGINET, along with the mobile operator “Bakcell”, provide the “Safe Internet” mobile service with the help of which parents are able to safeguard their children against undesired content outside the secondary schools as well.

About “Filtered Internet” service:

The service of the filtered Internet – “Child Internet” has first been introduced in the Republic of Azerbaijan by ENGINET. With the help of this service, parents can protect their children against any hazardous content that exists on the Internet. ENGINET provides this service under its “BİRLink” trademark based on the state-of-the-art technologies of the world’s leading information security solution providers.

The “Child Internet” service protects children against:

  • Pornography, +18
  • Violence
  • Extremism/Psychological impact
  • Social networks for adults etc.